My name is Patrick Ugwumba, I am a graduate of Pharmacy from University of Lagos, Nigeria.  I am a self motivated creative thinker and provider of sustainable solutions. I’m an advocate for healthy living and People having multiple streams of income. I enjoy reading, researching and helping people. I’m a wellness Coach and Online Business Consultant. I am a member of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria PSN, member, Federation of International Pharmacist FIP, member, Association of Organic Practitioners of Nigeria NOAN. The knowledge gained over the years has strengthened my creative and problem solving abilities and fuelled my passion of providing sustainable solutions to existing and common problems in my society.

In the past years of practicing as a Community Pharmacist, I have helped over 1000 people to overcome their health challenges using the right diet and lifestyle modification. The death of my mother in year 2000 from cancer brought about my conviction that I have a responsibility to creating a solution that will help people to fight cancer and other non-communicable diseases in Nigeria. This was what led me to become an entrepreneur. I wanted to challenge myself and motivate people to live a healthy life while maintaining a steady source of income. I saw the need for natural foods in the market place that I could successfully fill. This is my most potent means of creating value.


As an entrepreneur, my greatest motivation has been the desire to challenge the status quo and create a sustainable solution for a common problem in the society. I find it interesting to advocate for healthy living and people having multiple streams of income in order to build a trans-generational wealth.