It all started 3 years ago ,when l knew that it was high time l changed my financial situation.


I remembered the Bible verse that spoke about seeking first the kingdom of God and every other thing including riches will be added on to you.


I repented and cleansed myself of all iniquity. I was that holy.


I just want to make it.


Few months later, things became worse. I kept my faith.


At this point l had left my high paying job. I could only boast of my one acre farm at Kobape in Ogun state.


It got to a point l began to question my existence. I started thinking it was my village people that were doing me because l had been dilligently following my God.


One fateful day, l was reading and going through the words my mentor sent to my email.


That was the turning point for me. The words exposed me to the hidden truth l should have known all this while.


These were words from a pastor according to him,-


“The person of Jesus guarantees your heaven but the principles of Jesus guarantees your earthly success”


I went into research trying to know more.


Men! You wouldn’t believe l had been in light and yet I was in the dark.


From that moment, my entire life changed.


I became the driver of my destiny.


I started investing heavily in myself.


Today I’m singing a new song.


You can do the same for your own life.


I discovered that what l needed was a mere change of mindset, Habitset, Skillset and Toolset to turn my story around.


Now l choose what Business l do to multiply my money.


I’ve always known that one source of income will never be enough and so l came up with a solution in a book titled *’ONE GIG ISN’T ENOUGH’*


If you want it you can have it.


Just send *l NEED ONE GIG* as a WhatsApp message and l will make it available.


Life rewards only those that take actions, not complainers.


I need you to take charge of your LIFE.




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