At the early hours of the morning on Friday this week, l was woken by the loud repeated knocks on my door. At first l was afraid. The thoughts of what could make anyone knock at my door at this early hours made me want to take cover.


As the man of the house and fully aware of my responsibility to my beautiful wife and lovely kids, l dashed towards the living room with the impression of creating fear in whoever it was at my door.


With a very loud voice l responded to the knocks. ‘Who is that’? I yelled.


I heard a distressed trembling voice. It’s me Ndidi, Mr Ojo’s maid. Please help. Baba is not responding to my calls.


Immediately, l opened the door and rushed to Mr Ojo’s house.


I called his name severally before initiating  a CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation)


After several attempts without any positive response, l knew he was gone. Mr Ojo was my next door neighbor.



I learnt he could not reach his medicine box in time and so gave up the ghost.


It was a case of Cardiovascular health problem


His sudden death gave birth to the idea of rendering food therapy services to people living in Nigeria with Farmkash.


With this innovation, we will be able to reach out and reduce the mortality rate caused by cardiovascular diseases (CVD).


CVD account for the majority of deaths due to chronic diseases Worldwide.


Below are a few things you must do to reduce sudden death from CVD.


👉If you are a CVD patient, ensure your drugs have a 24 hour cover to avoid disrupting your body’s circadian rhythm.


👉Before you carry out body exercise, do a cardiovascular system assessment.


👉Know your risk factors.


👉 Subscribe to FarmKash food therapy to reduce risk of CVD and have direct access to organic foods with Restorative benefits.


👉Eliminate some foods from your diet such as high fatty foods, high sodium containing foods , processed foods, junks and others.


👉 Contact Farmkash for a free health assessment and Consultation.


👉Click the link to get access to FarmKash weekly Healthy tips to help you maintain a disease-free life.




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