Congratulations in advance if you are reading this right now.


By the time you are done reading the last line of this post, you would wish you had stumbled on it earlier.



Now stop whatever you are doing and pay attention to what I’m about to share with you.


Do you know you can grow your income by making at least $10 a day using Information Marketing Business?


Oh yes, you can.


This is one of the ways l use to make money and growing my income on a daily basis.


What exactly is Information Marketing Business?


This kind of business simply allows you to take the information, the secrets, the techniques, the things you already know, turn them into a packaged format and sell to other people for life.


In other words, it is simply the selling of packaged information to people that needs the information.


Examples of packaged information marketing Products are:


Information manual on;


“How to Eat and Get Paid at Farmkash Nigeria”


“How to start a plantain chips business with just a startup capital of 20,000naira”



“How to start an affiliate marketing in Nigeria and earn at least $500 every month”


“How to start a farm Business and earn a high ROI while still working without getting involved with the farm business”




This packaged information could be in the form of a podcast, voice note, e-book,  cd, webinar, online course, and other sellable format.



Once the information is packaged, the next thing to do is to advertise the packaged information, and then people will start paying for your packaged Product.


Take a quick look at the current population of Nigeria today. Imagine you run a newspaper company that produces 1million copies of news paper per day and distributes them to the 36 states of the federation.


That will be approximately about 28,000 copies per state.


Now imagine how much your newspaper company will be making from production of 1million copies that will be sold at N200 per copy.


That will take in a total of  N200million per day.


Now imagine you have an information Product that is selling at N1000 and open to a fraction of the people in Nigeria say 1000 people per day.


This will definitely rake in a total of 1million.


You see why you should never joke with information marketing.



It is ridiculously very simple and straight forward.


Anybody can start information marketing business.


There is so much money to make  in information marketing Business and the required startup capital is so small.


You don’t need to be a BSC holder or a professor before you start an information marking business.


A mechanic can create  so many information Marketing materials for business and rake in money on a daily basis.


It can be done from anywhere in the world, all you need to get started is just your knowledge or technical know how, your mobile phone or laptop, and not forgetting your bank account number to recieve money from subscribers.


Usually , it takes about an hour or 2  to create a product and after that , you will start smiling to the bank.


As an advocate of healthy living and people having multiple streams of income,


I and my team members at Farmkash Academy ,help  people to create their own  Information Marketing product by designing a course on;




We will also equip you with basic sales and marketing skills that will help you take in the money you want to make.


This is our own way of fighting poverty in Nigeria.


There are other skills you must know to be able to maximize your opportunity when it comes to Information Marketing Business.



*Benefits of Information marketing Business*


Very easy to  start.


Anybody can do it.


It does not require a high start up capital.


Requires lower interaction with buyers.


Product sells itself after the integration of Marketing system.


It has a large profit potential.


*How To Start Your Own Information Marketing Business*


Get Interested in the business.


Find a nitch that is hungry for information.


Use your available knowledge to solve a problem in that niche.


Learn the basic skills and strategies needed to produce and turn your information into a packaged product.


Create your product or have your product created for you.


Create a sales page for your product or set up a Marketing plan.


Go out and market your product to the world as if your life is dependent on it.


To join others in Learning  about “HOW TO CREATE A DIGITAL PRODUCT IN 1HOUR”,


Send “DIGITAL PRODUCT IN 1HOUR” as a WhatsApp message to the number +2348025570269



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