Do you know that your brain has the capacity to generate series of ideas on a daily basis?



Once you start getting these ideas, pencil them down and go ahead to map out a plan of execution.




Below are the ways you can get started even if you are not yet ready.



You can learn to become a successful entrepreneur and start a business from scratch.




An entrepreneur is a person, who sets up a business or businesses, and takes on financial risks with the

hope of generating profit.



Passion……….Perseverance, very key!



A successful entrepreneur is one that provides solutions.







  1. Take the first step by identifying a need.



To do this, carry out a feasibility study and research the potential market by determining:



Who needs what?



What you have to offer i.e. your solution or idea.



What you will need.



How you will go about getting it.



  1. Find and Set your target market.



Come up with answers a stranger or potential investor could ask you.


Questions like:



Who is the target market?



What could go wrong and how will you solve it?



What additional service or product can you tie to your main offering?



If you can come up with ready-made answers to these questions, it will make you more confident and trust worthy.


  1. Create a solution.



Once you have an opportunity, i.e. an idea and a target market, the next step will be to create a viable

solution for that market.




A viable solution which you will sell.



This requires some creativity, innovation and experience.


Think about this for a minute.


Everybody has some sort of value to offer.


So go ahead and create a solution to a particular problem and then reach out to your target audience or

market to bring it to life.




  1. Define your Vision




Few years ago, I had a vision of setting up an Agritech Company which will be the largest distributor

of Natural food products in West Africa.


Today, we have FarmKash setting the pace for actualization

of this vision.



This vision is what guides our operations and business model.


I’m happy that today, we are helping our clients to stay healthy while growing their income.



When you establish that business idea, go ahead and set clear targets and determine the vision to

ensure there is continuity.




  1. Choose and register your business name.




As simple as this may sound, it can attract, confuse or discourage your customers.



This shows that when in the process of officially naming your business, you must ensure you keep it simple and catchy.



  1. Establish an online presence.



This shouldn’t be limited to a website.


An online presence could also mean having an active social media

page or blogging.



In today’s digital era, creating an online presence can drive attention and traffic to your business.


I hope this helps.




*Patrick Ugwumba -CIMO*

*(Chief Information Marketing Officer)*

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