Wow! for the very first time l was knocked off(into deep sleep) by a leaf. 7 hours ago l planned to give us a lecture on growing of Papaya to make N294,000 in 5 -6 months as promised but l decided to take one vegetable leaf extract to reduce the pain l had after my presentation in a church yesterday.

7 hours later, l found out l had slept off like a baby and also observed that every pain was gone. This is the kind of relieve l recommend for everyone as VHS producer. Back to the business of the day. My mentor usually tell me that its better late than never. Here it is. Kindly let me have your comment or share your experience if you had cultivated papaya before.



PAPAYA (carica papaya) Is one of the very popular tropical fruits belongs to the cactus group of plants. It can tolerate hot and dry environment, it needs adequate water supply and prefers deep loamy soil rich in plants nutrients.

It is a fast growing tree like herb that reaches 3-10 meters tall, its cultivation cycle is between 6-9 months.

Pawpaw is propagated by seedlings, that is to say you raise your seeds in a nursery first before transferring to the field.

U can use a nursery bag or pure water nylon for your nursery.
Cut the top of the nylon and make little holes at the bottom of the nylon for water drainage

The of soil u use in raising ur nursery is very important.
U need to know the soil elasticity,
Liquid limit, and plastic limit of the soil.
Sandy soil is the best for raising seedlings

For best result seeds require an adequate supply of water, light and oxygen

The soil should be thoroughly wet but not water logged. Too much water robs the seed of the oxygen needed for germination. As the seeds absorbs water they swell until the tests(outer covering of the seeds) breaks and the young plants emerge

If you want to start ur nursery make sure u get the F1 papaya seed.(this is sold at FarmKash)

After putting ur soil in the bag u now sow the pawpaw seed and water.

It takes 12 days and above for pawpaw seed to start sprouting

When your pawpaw has developed 6 leaves you can then transplant to the field, which is normally from 6wks and above

Prepare a neem oil solution and spray on the
land before transplanting.

Spacing is 2×2m
Dept 1ft

Depending on how good ur land preparation is , pawpaw only needs 2-3 weeding before harvesting

After transplanting at 1 month, organic fertilizer is needed to boast vegetation.

At 3 months to avoid root rot, spray your farm with any natural insecticide

Remember organic fertilizer or well prepared poultry waste is applied 1ft away from plant

Remove dead leaves, keep ur farm clean and apply water when necessary

*Cost analysis for planting pawpaw on one acre*

(Kindly note that price of farm operation differ from areas.)

1. Land clearing- price may change due to type of vegetation and availability of labour. 45,000

2. Land preparation- ploughing and harrowing 20,000

3. Soil treatment- Natural insecticide and application. 10,500

4. Pawpaw seed red ROYALE. F1
800 seeds @250 each 200,000

5. Nursery preparation 45 days 100 each seed = 80,000

6.1st and 2nd weeding 15k each=30,000

Total =425,500

From the above u spent #851 on a tree let’s say a tree gives u 30 fruits and u sell each fruit #30 = #900


Lets say a tree gives u 30 balls and u sell each at #30
30balls ×#30 ×800 trees
= 720,000

720,000-425,500= 294,500

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